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Quantity yields Quality.

3xStudio designers share a desire to create more design for design’s sake. An instinct to push oneself as a designer to perpetually create new work is necessary to staying on top of your abilities. 


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Critique nurtures Progress. 

3xStudio values the importance of subjective opinions to creating good work. The studio believes that it’s necessary to continuously exercise your design muscles to stay a clear headed and agile design thinker.

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Conversation fosters Ideas.

3xStudio is a place where designs are produced, discussed, and shared. Additionally, the studio aims to foster collaboration with creative thinkers outside of the studio, and spread their ideas and processes. Three is company.


01 — Claudine Eriksson

Claudine is a multidisciplinary designer and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Sweden, Claudine moved to New York City to study design at Parsons the New School for Design. Claudine has spent time working at places such as Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Wajskol Design and Ahl & Co. After working as a designer & art director Claudine returned to her studies to explore new mediums such as film and installation — she completed her BFA at School of Visual Arts in May 2016, and is currently working as a designer at Pentagram for Paula Scher. 

Mantra: It's all about the process!


+1 646 344 2921

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02 — Andrea Johansson

Andrea is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. Andrea moved to New York City from Sweden in 2010 to study Design at Parsons the New School for Design. Andrea has spent time working at With — Projects, Reunion Goods & Services, McCann WorldGroup and Appelquist Architects. Her approach to design builds upon creating visual rhythm and balance through typography and form. She is currently freelancing on various branding projects and developing illustrations for fabrics, print and interiors. 


Mantra: All good + - 


+1 347 606 6342

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03 — Darcy Moore

Darcy is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Darcy moved to New York City from California to study at NYU and Parsons the New School for Design. Darcy has spent time designing at places such as Refinery29, Gin Lane Media, Jcrew.com, Laird + Partners, and Loeffler Randall. She most recently worked as a Visual Designer on the Product Team at Code and Theory where she worked on responsive websites for various clients. Darcy is currently freelancing in NYC and is further developing her personal design projects.


Mantra: Keep it light.


+1 949 677 2851





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