Defect Fixation
A Design Exhibition
Presented by 3xStudio

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“Defect Fixation” is a design show curated and produced by 3xstudio, a design collective that consists of three New York City–based female designers: Claudine Eriksson, Andrea Johansson, and Darcy Moore. The show’s title, “Defect Fixation,” derives from the collective’s desire to reconnect people with visual diversity. In today’s pixel-perfect world, society is over-inundated with images of perfection. Manifestations of individual personality and character have become a rarity. Through the use of three techniques—handmade, photographic, and computer generated—the works in this show produce visual layers, textures, and features otherwise lost in ubiquitous computer-generated products.

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“Defect Fixation” features three themes—anatomy, topography, and botany—each representing nature’s ability to counteract man-made monotony. The works, though made by hand, portray subjects that exist as the result of natural forces, offering a visual respite from mass-produced commodities and a chance for people to reconsider organic forms. Shown in the private gallery at “Casa Mezcal,” a space that acts as a “portal to the rich cultural and culinary traditions of [Oaxaca, Mexico],” the show’s themes of visual diversity, craftsmanship, and nature resonate with the venue’s mission. The southern region of Oaxaca is one of the most biologically diverse areas of Mexico, and is known as one of the leading producers of handmade artisanal goods. “Defect Fixation” acknowledges the relationship—dependency even—between organic form, society’s standards of function and defect, and human fixation, in order to remind viewers of imperfection’s power to intrigue.

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Claudine Eriksson
Andrea Johansson
Darcy Moore

Photography, Illustration, Vector Form
Canvas Prints ( 18" x 24" )


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3xStudio will be donating 5 percent of sales from “Defect Fixation” to the New York City organization, NEST.

“Leveraging craft development as a tool for positive social change, Nest is helping artisans transform their communities through the alleviation of poverty, empowerment of women and promotion of cultural preservation.”



The Works 

Darcy Moore


Claudine Eriksson


Andrea Johansson






" Tierra "





February 25th
— April 24th


86 Orchard Street, 
New York, NY 10002


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