Obsessive Tendencies
A Design Exhibition
Presented by 3xStudio

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“Obsessive Tendencies” is an exhibition that showcases work that relies on the power of repetition. Using various design vehicles such as collage, illustration, and vector forms, each designer creates her own version of a graphic pattern. Through modular repetition and myriad forms, both consistent and irregular, each work demonstrates a sense of rhythmic yet chaotic balance. Ideologies such as “quantity yields quality” and “system yields abstraction” are some of the driving forces in the work shown in “Obsessive Tendencies.” 

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The show's title, “Obsessive Tendencies,” derives from the collective’s desire to shine light on the obsessive and often compulsive side of the brain. Though viewed as a paramount requisite for a successful career as a designer, a neurotic addiction to systematic thought is often considered detrimental to one’s existence in everyday life. The work presented by 3x Studio aims to applaud this side of the brain that is required by the contemporary design community yet patronized by life outside the workplace.

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Claudine Eriksson
Andrea Johansson
Darcy Moore

Collage, Illustration, Vector Form
Canvas Prints ( 36" x 54" )


Bedford and Bowery


The Works 

Darcy Moore

"Flat, Depth"

Claudine Eriksson


Andrea Johansson



"Free, Constraint"




"Input, Output"




Exhibition took place:
December 11th — 12th


36 Ludlow Street, 
New York, NY 10002


Hosted by:
Solie of
Den Entertainment


Sponsored by: